Established in 1963


Our Golden Jubilee Year :1963 - 2013



Meditation Camp for Peace @ Poly Campus
The College commemorated Gandhi ji's Martyr Day today, as Sarvodaya Day. It held a Meditation Camp for Peace.The Faculty and Students from the Department of Holistic Health & Fitness volunteered and instructed upon many interactive Meditative Exercises. It was well lauded and enjoyed with focus by the students.This was preceded by a talk by Hon. Granthi Bhaiji Gurbachan Singh and Manjoth Kaur Bedi on Sikhism. It has become almost a tradition now, that individuals and Snrs. from different faiths are invited to speak on their version of peace and Sarvodaya.


Dr. Adine Gericke, Dept. of Textile & Polymer Chemistry, Stlellenbosch University, Cape Town, South Africa - very kindly gave a Powerpoint Presentation on :'The comfort Applications of Textiles' and 'Managent of moisture content in Textiles'. She was here in Delhi  for the Textile Summit ~ A Road map for 2030.It was interesting that apart from the Fabric & Apparel students, a huge number of Fine Art students attended the Talk. They later shared the fact that  Canvas paintings are always done on a fabric.So, moisture retention is always a concern;


Textile Summit-2018
- The Textile Association (India)- Delhi
17th November 2018 PHD Hosue, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi

The award ceremony by TAI ( The Textile Association (India)- Delhi )@ PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry, for our Founder Director & beloved Ashima Mam for Life Time achivements and work ~ was right after the inauguration.
A PROUD DAY for us @ Poly, as our beloved Founder Director ASHIMA MAM was awarded for LIFE-TIME ACHIEVEMENTS by TAI ( Textile Association of India) posthumously
at the Textile Summit 2018 @ PHD Auditorium, Sri Fort Rd, New Delhi.
It was highly Emotional. Local, regional and foriegn delegates (all associated with Textile Industry in some way) were present in huge numbers. More
TOUCHING - The Faculty, office staff (as a special request) and even an old student of Ashima Mam, had all made it a point to be there.


"The Value of A Multilingual Society & Practice"
Guest Speaker : Rahat Kurd
August 30, 2018


Cyanotype : Alternative Photo Printing Process Workshop
Deparrment of Fine Art


Session : Incest Awareness for Students
Facilitator : Ms. Supreet Dhiman, Researcher, End Incest TRust


An interactive talk by Mr. Ritesh Gupta and Mr. D. K. Singh doyens of Industry, under the aegis
of Textile Association of India was held on 2th March, 2018 at the Campus Hall of Books.
The subject themes were on (i)Narrow width Fabric Weaving/Printing (ii)Texturising.
It was highly appreciated by the students and the concerned Faculty.


An Interactive Art Session, conducted by our Vice Principal & Dean Academics - Mr. Ananda Moy Banerji



The Department of Holistic Health & fitness today organised a MEDITATION WORKSHOP for Peace @ The Campus for Polytechnic Students, on account of
MARTYR'S DAY / PUNYATITHI DIWAS. As, 70 years ago MAHATMA GANDHI / BAPU JI, 'the Father of our Nation breathed his last after being fatally shot.
The meditation workshop consisted of THREE SESSIONS:
FIRST SESSION: Two reverend sisters: D.K. Neeru, B.K. Monica and one brother B.K. Rajeev came from Organisation to acquaint them through talk , debate and actual demo on their Meditative Practices.
SECOND SESSION: Mr. Eric Hyer accompanied wit Diane Zhidian Hun from Brigham Young University , Utah, USA shared a few words on peace and the
Mormons / Latter day Saints Perspective on Peace and Love.
THIRD SESSION: There was an activity-based (much enjoyed @) Meditatation for increasing focus,concentration and team-work concept. All these aspects
were covered during the Meditation Workshop.
152 Students participated in the Workshop and with their sincere participation and interaction, made it a fruitful Event.



Workshop by Fatane Al- Amiri :
Renowned award winning International Documentary film Producer : Fatane Al- Amiri (from Iran) conducted a One-Day workshop for
Media Students. It was much appreciated.


Demo of Camera Techniques for the arena of theater in a one day specialised workshop.